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Artist Statement

My art is social commentary expressed realistically rooted from the spiritual and physical journey that I’ve traveled during this  lifetime. I inherited the position as “Griot” of the Hardy Family. My artistic works  reflect the content and sum of my reality. My artistic works are nether whimsical nor ambiguous. The art that is extracted from me tells a story, my story.

My art is what it is , and I am who I am.  My art expresses my journey in an obvious manner. It reflects that which my eyes and ears have absorbed throughout my lifetime. My artistic content in all disiplines are real life experiences.

My aspiration is to master the art of ” Making it Happen” thus becoming a true artist of life /*

Ron Hardy




Artistic Overview :
Ron is also a Vietnam Era Veteran.  He served in HHB 1/82 FA US Army 1974-1976.


What some may  call  “Art” is a daily way of life for others. It is a way of life that is created by necessity and the lack of resources.  Invention and creativity along with ingenuity become the ways of survival in economically, socially and psychologically oppressed communities. I am a  product of this demographic .

Creation was the way of life and ingenuity provided the path for  survival in my  community. Economic conditions along with the will to survive and thrive were the motivating factors that sparked the creative juices of which flowed “Art”.

In summary one could say artistic works produced in the deep roots of the Black community were stimulated by the need to survive,  thrive and build self esteem. One being born into this underserved population is one’s fate. In essence, one is locked into the prison of reality and  born into a world filled with hatred,  war, injustice and poverty.  Creation in order to survive becomes a must.

Although my life condition has changed,  the artistic  creative approach to life is embedded in my spirit.  Hopefully this approach is exhibited in the bodies of work spanning the various disciplines that I engage.

I evoke this thought into my work, “ PUT SOME PAINT, WHERE IT AIN’T. ” I use this  philosophical approach to engaging all endeavors in my  life. My art comes from my heart.

Ron Hardy,  Artist of Life


Relevant Experience:







Ron is founder and Executive Director of Playaz and Playettes Inc, non profit charitable arts educational organization located in Shreveport, LA. The organization was awarded the Governor’s Art Award in 2004 for “The Outstanding Small Arts Organization in the State of Louisiana”.


• Member of BMI since 1986

• Voting member of the Recording Academy of America(Grammy)

• Owner Utopia West Creations Publishing Company-BMI

• Attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco 1989-1991/ Fine Arts Major

* 2004 SRAC Music Fellowship awardee

* 2006 SRAC Multi-Discipline Fellowship awardee




Currently Ron over sees and conducts the “Circle of Life Drum Gathering .” This  drum circle is open to  any and everyone who wants to  participate. Ron provides 14 drums and a vast array of percussion instruments to be used by anyone at the drum circle. Crowd/ Audience participation is a MUST at  “The Circle of Life Drum Gathering” events. Ron contends that ” Music is for Everyone. We all have a heart beat and a pulse “.

11/07/, 11/14, 11/21 and 12/072019

Ron hosted and executive produced ” The Drummer’s Gone Wild in the Bible Belt ‘ documentary video film project.  The event was filmed at the Caddo Common Park as part of the Rainbow City Park Grand Opening..

2011- 2018 “Art in the Hood” Drum & Movement Ensemble is a performing group comprised of youth 6-13 years old. The group performs at festivals, churches, private parties and other community events. Ron performs with the group and is the artistic director and instructor.

March 2008-2013 Ron founded “The Louisiana G-Funk Family” which plays a combination of funk reggae and old school music woven in to what Ron calls “Louisiana Gumbo Soul.” The group has been showcased at events, venues, festivals and parades in the Shreveport area. (noted performances) Oct.2008/ Highland Blues Fest/ Feb.2009-2012 Black History Parade/Sept.2010 Shreveport Labor Day Blues Fest/2012 Cinco de Mayo Festival(S’Port)

February 2007- Dec 07 Ron wrote, arranged and produced the “Cultural Odyssey 2007 Dance and Music Extravaganza” which featured 15 local musicians, dancers and vocalists. This performance toured local Jr. and High schools as well as Southern University in Shreveport.

2006- Ron co-wrote, produced and directed, “Let Freedom Ring” a musical play. This play toured the Shreveport inner city park and recreation facilities as well as was performed at the Ledbetter Heights Music and Arts fair held at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport.


Touring with his “UNPLUGGED” musical approach.

*Noted performances: Roots Music Gathering-New Orleans 2003; Festival Plaza-Shreveport; 2003 Art Break; Little Rock, Ar.; 2003 Sankofa Series; 2003 Ledbetter Heights Music & Arts Fair; The Fox Rich Show, KSLA Channel 12.

Aug. 97 – Dec. 99 Performing live playing congas and percussion with “DENIAL” Shreveport based band playing funk, blues, rock and jazz. Discipline performed various festivals, private parties, and clubs.

Dec. 96 – Dec. 97 Performed Nyabingi drum ceremonies at Kwanza Celebrations sponsored by the African Arts Council: Dec. 97 Performing Arts Theater, Shreveport; Dec. 96 Harrah’s Casino.

Dec. 92 – Aug. 96 Performed and recorded with “SAGANOR”

A reggae band, based in Helsinki, Finland. The band toured throughout Finland and Estonia in major arenas, festivals, clubs, and performed on television Finnish and Estonian Television. The group also performed at the’93 Rock Summer Festival in Estonia.

Dec. 92 – Aug. 96 “NO EXPLANATION”

Founded, performed, produced, wrote, arranged, and recorded with

“NO EXPLANATION” featuring Ron Hardy. This band played funk, reggae, and jazzy rock. No Explanation recorded a CD entitled “Book Three Synthesis”. The band toured Finland in festivals, clubs, major arenas, and performed on the “Good Morning Finland” television show. The group received rotation airplay from their mini-hit song “Mita Tapahatuu”.


Ron was an original member of the “Galaxy” and the “Fillmotions” bands, from San Francisco, CA.  The Fillmotions recorded and released the Bay Area  classic song ” Young Girl” Galaxy recorded 2 independent albums during that period as well.

Ron formed “Tarumbae and the Rydim Rockers” in 1984 and released his first solo 12”single in 1986. Ron later released “Warzone” under the name Tarumbae  in 1990. Ron performed has extensively throughout Northern & Central California in the various groups of which he was a member of.

1991-1992 Ron hosted a 2 hour reggae flavored radio show on K-POO 89.5 FM in San Francisco.  His show was named  “The City Under Seize ”


** More Information Available Upon Request**


August 2011- 2017  “Artistic Director & Instructor “Art in the Hood” Drum and Movement Ensemble… Art in the Hood” was a performing group comprised of youth 6-13 years old. The group performs at festivals, churches, private parties and other community events.

February 07 –2012 Resident Artist Central Elementary School implementing “Wider Education thru Music Participation”

2006- Ron co-wrote, produced and directed, “Let Freedom Ring” a musical play.  Along with other aspiring local actors the play featured students from the Urban Music Workshop.  It featured the student’s music as well as them acting. This play toured the Shreveport inner city park and recreation facilities as well as was performed at the Ledbetter Heights Music and Arts fair held at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport.


April 05- June 05- taught in the Art Smart program sponsored by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council at Bethune Middle School and Broadmoor Middle school. Produced a version of STOMP


April ’03 Presented the “Wider Education thru Music Participation ” program at the French American School in Providence, Rhode Island.

February ’02- June ’05 Resident Artist West Shreveport Elementary School “Wider Education thru Music Participation”


‘ 02- ’06 – Ron developed and Directed  “The Urban Music Workshop”

– An after school program for youth ages 12-21, teaching basic components of music industry:

A) Management, B) Artistic, C) Production skills at Playaz and Playettes, Inc. Activity Center, Job Corp

And Shreveport Park and Recreation Centers

July-August >01 Ledbetter Heights Art & Music Summer Camp, ASnowball Program

– Taught the Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program, ages 3-15 at the First United Methodist Church Human Resource Center

June- July >01 Inner City Row Dance/ Summer Camp@A Space Artyssey

Taught the Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program, ages 7-15 in Shreveport, Louisiana

March >00-April >01 One Heart Drum Circle

– Taught the Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program to adults at Playaz and Playettes, Inc. Activity Center

Oct. >99-March=00 Hosted Open Air Art Fair Drum Cirlcle in Shreveport, Louisiana

March >99 Volunteer at the Rutherford House

– Working with troubled teens using the Wider Education Thru Music Participation program

Sept. >98- 2001 Working as a resident artist at Renzi Education & Art Center

Taught Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program to youth at the After School Youth Program

June >98-July >98 Taught the Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program

for the Caddo Community action Agency (CCAA) Headstart Program in four locations

Taught preschool age children using the Wider Education

– Thru Music Participation Program.

Jan. >98-April >98 Received a TPA Grant for teaching the WEMP Program for CCAA Headstart

students at all 15locations in Caddo Parish

– Taught preschool age children using the Wider Education

– Thru Music Participation Program.

Oct. >94-June >95 Finland

– Taught the Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program throughout Finland and held a staff position at Saunakallio Elementary to first, second, and third graders for two years. Substituted at Jarvenpaa High School in the music department using the Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program. Taught numerous workshops at daycare centers, festivals, and at The Steiner High School in Helsinki, Finland.

1984-1988 San Francisco

– Began the development of the “ Wider Education Thru Music Participation Program” taught in San Francisco at the Buchanan YMCA After School Program


Ron Hardy aka Tarumbae- Timbales, Congas, Percussion and Vocals

In 1986, Ron released his first 12″ single while living in San Francisco, CA . He performed as Tarumbae and the Rydim Rockers during that era. Ron owns his own publishing company, Utopia West Creations (BMI). He shook up the reggae world with his brand of funky reggae. His music has received positive reviews throughout the years from Doug Wendt (The Beat), |Jonathan E. (W.A.R.D. Report), Beverley Mire(Gavin Report) and Chuck Foster(The World Beat). He is an original member of both “Galaxy” and “The Fillmotions” hailing from San Francisco, CA. His fluid style of playing percussion can be heard on the early eighties recordings of both these groups. Ron is noted in the National Hip/Hop Archives as one of the founders of the “The Deep” magazine which was the first free hip/hop magazine in the Bay Area in 1987. In 1991, Ron also hosted “The City Under Seize Ragga Muffin” radio show on KPOO 89.5 in San Francisco. He lived in Finland from 1992 through 1996 where he continued his musical journey. He performed with the reggae band Saganor for 4 years along side Mike Thomas formerly of the Mighty Pyramids of Jamaica. During that time, he released ” Book Three Synthesis” with a young Finnish band named “No Explanation” which featured Ron’s writing and producing skills. The group received national rotation air play in Finland.

Since returning to Shreveport, LA, he has won several regional awards for his contribution to music and the arts here in Northwest Louisiana. They are the “2004 Shreveport Regional Arts Council Music Fellowship Award, as well as the 2006 Multimedia Fellowship Award. Ron is a voting member of The Recording Academy and has been a member of BMI since 1986. Ron has used his musical talent and expertise to inspire as well as teach under served urban youth the nuts and bolts of the music industry through his program ” The Urban Music Workshop” sponsored by the arts organization he founded in 1997 called “Playaz and Playettes, Inc,” which won the “2004 Governor’s Art Award for Outstanding Small Arts Organization in the State of Louisiana”. Ron is a dynamic performer, a seasoned recording artist, songwriter and producer as well as a percussionist extraordinaire.

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