After many years as a performing artist, I came to the conclusion that music is for everyone.  There is a place in the circle of music for everyone. In the 80’s I created the program ” Wider Education Thru Music Participation “.  This program was a hands on Arts Integrated Educational program used in schools and at after school programs.

The ideology of that program grew and expanded into the
“Circle of Life Drum Gathering” concept. Drums and percussion instruments are easy to engage. They require no prior musical training.  A baby can shake a rattle and join into the musical jamboree. If one has a heart beat, then one has rhythm flowing through their body. Our cells have bio rhythms flowing through them. As humans, we are rhythmic beings.

As a member of the Brotherhood of Drums which was rooted at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, drum circles and huge musical gatherings are no stranger to me. The “Circle of Life Drum Gathering” is an audience participation hands on intercative musical performance and experience. 

Along with myself playing and conducting, I use several music professionals to accompany me. We engage the audience to participate along with us. There is no set play list or preconceived musical repertoire. Everything happens in the moment. I also facilitate and encourage vocalists, rappers and poets along with other melodic  instruments to participate in the jamboree.

This interactive audience participation concert is the essence of true jazz music.  Music created in the moment. A moment that may  never be duplicated with a gathering of people that may never be the exact same group of individuals. Together in that moment we will leave our musical imprint on the universe. Every sound frequency large or small affect the earth’s atmosphere.

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