I woke up one morning and realized here I am. Trapped in a  new life in a new body  amidst an existence unbeknownst to me.

Nothing did I know but how quickly did I learn. Learned so much I even remembered my days of my past..

It was then that I started to become aware of my purpose and why I was given this task. The answers were embedded in my DNA along with the knowledge of who I am. I found my past journeys, adventures and tasks engraved in my heart, body, mind and spirit.  I also realized the duties of my present task. I must now  navigate through the perils and challenges that I encounter daily on this journey.

Although it’s a different day a different time with different characters, nothing much  seems to have changed. The day turns to night and the night turns to day. People are still unsure of what will come tomorrow. Their minds are still consumed with the unfulfillable desires as in past days. Lustful thoughts of power and control consuming their minds and embedded in their hearts, but  bringing them the same results as before in past days.

Good or bad righteous or unrighteous  ” It is what it is”. Every living being will be rewarded  accordingly and one day awake to receive their fate.

Ron Hardy
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