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Justice is Peace, Peace is Justice

Locked in the prison of reality born into a world plagued with hatred, jealousy, war, injustice and poverty. What is my crime? Why am...

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” Your Thoughts”

Where do your thoughts live? Who is the author of your thoughts? Was it your thoughts that manifested your desires into reality? Are your...

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Love is Hope

As your  spirit wraps  around me, the warmth of our union glows and flows. The energy shooting sparks as we float like 2 butterflies...

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The Beginning is the End, The End is the Beginning

I woke up one morning and realized here I am. Trapped in a  new life in a new body  amidst an existence unbeknownst to...

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We are One ( 5 of 5 from the INFINITE LOVE Series)

As I sat  I pondered and I wondered "Where are you" and "What are you doing?" Suddenly your presence engulfed me . Like a warm chill The essence...

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