The aftermath of the previous European Renaissance between the 15th and 16th centuries was when White Supremacy was born. Previous to that Europe was  influenced and ruled by Dark people during the period known as the dark ages. Dark people are credited for influencing culture and art in Europe as well as teaching Europeans how to survive through and not spread the Bubonic Plague Pandemic.

Now today as we move into the 2020’s a Worldwide Renaissance is occurring. In the time period after this modern day Corona Virus Pandemic Natural Selection and order will be restored to the world. Technology is playing a huge role in this restoration.

Man’s ingenuity and quest for for universal power has provided the vehicle through technology for Universal Truths to be unveiled and falsity to be examined and rebuked.

Will we become one people of the world or separated into small factions seeking to dominate other factions with lies, deceit and weapons ?

Welcome to the Renaissance of the 2020’s. What will be the result and conclusion ? 

This is now the time that Natural Selection and Truth will be unveiled upon the Earth as order and honor are restored to the Honorable.

Welcome to the Renaissance that we’ve all awaited…

Ron Hardy

Utopia West Creations 2021