Locked in the prison of reality born into a world plagued with hatred, jealousy, war, injustice and poverty.

What is my crime? Why am I doing time? Is it because of my dark skin?

I’m innocent! I’m innocent!

Now that the story has completely unfolded. It comes down to this realization :

“Justice is Peace and Peace is Justice….”

The ancestors paid the full price, let us remember to feel their pain as we rejoice in our glory. Let us rejoice in the greatness of their blood as it runs through our veins.  Let us rejoice in their victory as we  receive the gifts paid for by the suffering and atrocities that their lives endured.

Their thirst to survive and thrive enabled  us to see the daylight of this modern day world. That victory is why we are alive and given the task to replenish the Earth with  extensions of their life force. Their energy is alive…

The vibrations and frequencies of the ancestors are alive as they  move throughout the universe in the name of The Most High YAH.

Ron Hardy
Published by Utopia West Creations 11/2021