I grew up in California. The land of outlaws, prospectors and gold diggers. I live in Louisiana. The land of witches, warlocks, preachers and pimps.

Traveling many places on the earth has taught me that the world is comprised of a cross section  between  the 2, California and Louisiana.

Nothing has changed since Reality 1:
“As I sit locked in the prison of Reality, living  in a world filled with hatred, war, injustice and poverty.”

The strange thing to me is that people seem to love it this way as long as their bellies are full and when they look into the  mirror they see the facade that of a image that pleases what they perceive beauty to be.

Not to mention as long as they have the legal or illegal substance of their choice to make them feel good,happy and alive.

All over the earth the WORLD is still a GHETTO no matter how nice and attractive things begin to look. The morality and character of people are the key ingredients to being classy and living a full life experiencing the true potential inherited on the earth by mankind.

Ron Hardy

Published by Utopia West Creations  2021