Listen baby:

The very things you tell yourself are the very things that are true

You like listening to a whole lot of folks but you’d do better if you’d listen to you

You’re at a new place in your life

Leaving college filled with knowledge

But you don’t know if where you are is where you want to be

Cold feet

Teaching kids that don’t look like me

You know with your own is where you need to be – you’re needed

And not to sound conceited, but you could do better

Listless love affairs and you ain’t even making no cheddar?

But I can’t be mad at you, with your independent self.

You’re more dependent than you care to say

Awaiting one of those late night chariots to transform into the carriage carrying your prince charming to carry you away

You’d run out of both crystal slippers trying to catch him before he knows the real you

Baby blue gown hiding all the tarnished purity you have

You worry about a whole lot of things but the man you’ll get sooner than you think will love you because of all that

Everyone you hug now won’t feel your embrace forever

Pains are coming unlike any you’ve ever known

But I promise it gets better

You’re stronger than you recognize

And you’ll pull from that strength to dry your mother’s eyes

But those times will pass

You’ll be a great teacher – no matter how much you think it won’t work

You’ll be a great wife – no matter how much you think he won’t find his way to you

You’ll learn a whole lot about love, life, and self before your 20’s are through

So stop stressing

You’ll make it to 29 to write this letter to you