You have received the divine salute from the Alpha Commander-in-Chief to carry out your military orders.


Operation: Romeo and Juliet.


Donning your Uniform, you rest assured that it is surely divine as it took some time to unite this belle and beau.


A Southern connection that has lit six states aglow. Bravo.


His hearth in the Heart of Dixie. Monarchs now arise from their cocoons, Tango and bat their wings amid blooming


Camellias that turn their faces to the sun in awe of its warmth and His Oscar-worthy orchestration of such a love whose


Echo is heard through the winds, over the Sierras and even beyond the Mason-Dixon so that Yankees hear and are


She hails from the home of Bon Temps that Rouler down the Red in the Mighty Mississip’ ending at the Gulf beneath


Dixie. Where Magnolias bloom, Catahoulas howl and gators every once in while appear on your doorstep to peek at




Word traveled all the way to where peach orchards populate. Love’s sweetness forever made manifest. Hearts filled


what the good life has to offer. All in sync, Sportsman’s Paradise took a breather.


Sports fanatics pause their football, basketball, soccer and Golf and tune in to main attraction.


with joy that ebbs just as the Savannah, flowing into the vast expansion.


With you two residing right at the Delta.


Fresh, with a dash of salt for flavor and preservation.


Being from Cajun Country, she likes to add a dash of Tabasco for a bit of spice and beckons for the honeybees to Foxtrot


Distant but not detached, The Son decided to distribute your love across the rolling Bluegrass of Kentucky and as high as


at your feet for sugar.


the Palmettos towering over South Carolina, just to illustrate that it indeed can be done.


All of this established in The Lone Star state.


Now all stars continually shine about you.


A Southern connection that has lit six states aglow.


Though she knows, there is no need to employ her expertise; for no make-up artist could ever come close to the beauty


Portfolio well diversified, his degree needs not be applied. No economic theorem could explain this beyond Platonic


Onlookers wave out of Hotel windows earnestly longing to see an X-ray of your hearts that it might explain this


that true love brings.


reverence of two hearts ordained to conjoin.




Even his prince can now rejoice.


Another queen to love him.


A fatherly king filled with joy.


A family so admirable that when gathered at the table with kindred Charlie, Mike, Victor, and Company, even Papa


This love, as sweet and supple as the plum stone fruit whose heart is filled with potential to be sown to show future


Wind carries the news as north as Quebec where they raise their highballs of Whiskey to the sun, East as Lima, West as


This Southern connection that lit six states aglow, shall forever be remembered, in this month before November, as the


himself is humbled.


generations and as precious as infinite Kilos of silver.


India, even heard in the Zulu tongue.


connection that caused the world to rejoice.