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Lady Munira
Artist Statement

My artist statement is a breathing document: one that is boastful when it can be, though reclusive and uncertain by nature. It is reflective of persistent attempts to make sense of a senseless human experience, an experience that often left me too paltry to persist. However, since the pestilence of an awakened psyche is an artist’s most faithful friend and foe, I did. Every word written provides a peek into all that this Black woman is, and I’ll continue to write so that we can all find out who she will become.


My life’s work is to rekindle the love for knowledge, community, and culture to promote success through strategic education. With particular regard for the inner-city black community, my work aims to abate generational ailments and suture the broken families and psyches that have developed from them.
Community Leadership
∙ 2020: Appointed to Shreveport, LA Mayoral Advisory Council for Race Relations Commission
∙ 2019: Contributor to KSLA “Code of Conduct” documentary
∙ 2019: Member of “Reconciliation Dinner” Steering Committee (Attendee for past 2 years)
∙ 2018: Author of “Civil Rights & Galilee Baptist Church Museum” article in Shreveport Magazine
∙ 2018: Host of YWCA Book Club, Student in YWCA “Dialogue on Race”
∙ 2018: Host and Facilitator of “Dinner and Dialogue” Initiative
∙ 2017-Currently: Member of Friends in Unity (FIU) Outreach Organization
∙ 2011: Published in Northwestern State University Argus Literary Magazine
∙ Numerous Speaking Engagements & Workshop Facilitations
9 years in Education, 4 Years in Caddo Parish School System at Booker T. Washington High School
3 years as English Department Head & Mentor Teacher, Currently Teaching English III (American Lit) & Black History
2019: Teacher of the Year 
2019: District English Teacher Leader 
2018: Teacher of the Month
Academic History
Louisiana State University – Shreveport
1 University Place – Shreveport, LA 71115
Degree Program: Master of Education – Curriculum and Instruction
Graduation Date: October 2020
Northwestern State University
444 Caspari Street – Natchitoches, LA 71457
Degree Program: Middle Grades-Secondary English & Social Studies Education
Graduation Date: December 2012
Degree Attained: Bachelor’s Degree

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