Nestled near Hallelujahs and hog maws

Between grieving mothers and study halls

Can’t tell if it’s Madea’s cooking you’re catching

Or if the view of generations past brings back olfactory memories

Of shotgun houses never being empty

And gunshots a rarity

Magazines: Jet, Ebony, Essence

On the porch across the street

You can see while the lush green seeks to swallow you into its life

Unassuming Oasis

Frequented by many on a regular basis

Ignored by even more as they speed through

Never being blessed by what is true

Truly the most accurate depiction of Black Fellowship

Nature at the forefront

We need the Sun to kiss us

Waiting until the conditions are just right

These grounds have grown celebrities

The swings have lifted families

Birthday Parties

Crawfish Boils

The escape from 4 walls

Subs shaking the ground

Thinking it’s you

But it’s another brother driving down

Now you’re both bobbing to each other’s tunes

My, what UNITY we’ve found

Right by the CC Antoine Playground