This story isn’t a fairy tale or a fantasy at all

Yet an appeal to the public to truly analyze the imps that we misinterpret as being small.

Attacking someone’s self-esteem is no way to love them at all.

Quick to disregard adolescent cries

We’ve forgotten that we were in their shoes once before.

Yes, we’ve forgotten their uncomfortable size.

I pray that this might open our eyes and help us realize that having “one life to live” means we really only have one time to try and do it right!

Let’s stop esteeming these media bandits higher than our own flesh and blood

Stop toiling to please our flesh and simply surrender to the righteousness of The Blood

Learn from Him how to raise our daughters to be queens and make kings out of our sons.

Just as in years past, when our nation was defunct, the only way will get any better is if we make a concerted effort. A united front.

I can’t plead with you enough that we are in dire need.

I can’t tell you enough that all hands on deck is what we require, indeed.

I can’t convince you enough that my heart grieves at the present we’ve created.

I can’t disagree with the masses enough when they and we feel that all of our shortcomings must be perpetuated.

But I have cried enough. Moaned enough. Been enraged enough. Felt defeated enough.

Now enough is enough.

So I

With every bit of strength I can muster

With every stroke of my pen

And all the gall of my every sin

Plead and beg

Hope to convince

Disagree with the status quo

Uttering moans and crying no more

No long enraged or defeated

But insistent

Join me.

Join me in loving you as much as I do.

Then surpass that and seek to know love the way the Father, Son and Holy Spirit do.

That way, we can all love ourselves the way we ought to