Oh! What a misunderstood fruit, used to make ignorant, mindless racial jokes, however; consumed by men wearing extremely, expensive, business suits…!


Delectable, delicious and oh so sweet; it pleases the palette in such a way that makes it difficult for other fruits to compete.


Many of the finest restaurants in the land are honored with its unassuming presence, as it is graciously being savored by tongues, sautéed by teeth, quenching the thirst of its detractors as they swallow this delectable meat.


I’ve often wondered shy this fruit is outwardly green; while inside it is red and sometimes yellow, think about what this could mean!


Universally, it is consumed all over the land, yet some find it amusing to speak derogatorily about a particular man.


The watermelon in its unassuming splendor could just be the order of the day; many unwittingly enjoy this sweet, juicy, delight. It is strange that something as simple as a fruit offers so much insight!


Imagine it sitting there in the melon fields late into the night; understanding nature’s darkness, but knowing; God’s guiding light…!


Melvin “Chief” Lars


6:45 am