Bloom where you’re planted!

Is what they have chanted —

But what do you do,

after the bloom?


When the stem of your flower,

bends at the neck;

Cause you’re lacking the strength,

to stand up erect.


When you no longer smell,

of the sweetest perfume;

Cause you’ve emptied your fragrance,

on those in the room.


When the leaves of your branches,

are no longer raised;

Cause you’ve worked them so much,

their too weary to praise.


When your spirit no longer,

Hums a new tune.

Cause your presence no longer,

brightens the room;


What do you do, Lord

What do you do,

What do you do, Lord

after the bloom ?


 Then came the answer,

Within my spirit man;

It led me straight to Genesis,

The place it all began.


While the earth remains,

Seedtime and harvest, cold and heat;

Summer and winter, day and night,

These things will never cease.


So, here’s what you do, child

Here’s what you do,

Here’s what you do, child

After the bloom.


Know the Lord of the harvest,

Sowed you with intent;

So you could always blossom,

 And bear fruit for men.


But after they’ve partaken,

Picked you of all fruit;

Juiced it in a juicer;

Bit it with the tooth.


Your strength will start to fail,

Now that your fruit is gone;

Cause fruit was the purpose,

Your strength was called upon.


Your stems will start to weaken,

Leaves will start to fall;

Just before you realize,

You’ll stand before me bald.


Here’s what you do, child

Here’s what you do,

Here’s what you do, child

After the bloom.


Allow me to train you,

and allow me to prune you;

Allow me to sustain you,

So that I can rebloom you.


Don’t think for one set moment,

 you are at your end;

Although you maybe bare,

You are far from barren.


Cause as you stand before me,

Naked and exposed;

I will do a new thing in you,

A work nobody knows.


But, you must know for certain,

This season too shall pass;

your winter will be over,

 your spring will come at last.


For you will always blossom,

 as long as earth remains;

 and you shall bare my fruit,

 upon you once again.