Overview (Only Faith has been released)

The Book of Raymond consistsof 10 books:
1. Faith
2. Self (You)
3. Emotion
4. Professional
5. Relationship
6. Life/Death
7. Economic
8. People
9. Nature
10. Super Natural

Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr. observed people's progression towards a better life. He simply noticed that no matter how much funding, no matter the non-profit programs,life was/is not getting better. As a matter fact,it was horrible in some places.

Ten books were designed to complement Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Folk, Traditional and others forms of worship.

Dr. Youngblood designed thesebooks to truly be comprehended through traditional education, self-education and worship teachings. He believes that it is not possible to understand something fully without comprehending it fully. If instructions from religious leaders, government officials, and laws of the land,even with translation,are misunderstood,then it's not possible for the people to completely understand the tasks before them…The people in poverty stricken countries are simply running their society on impassive behavior. The Pastors, Priests, Imams, Rabbis,etc. would provide great readings and instructions,but other than tithes,a true understanding of human concept is definitely missing.

Dr. Youngblood noticed the big separation in the religious messages from the actual content and teachings,(Bible, Quran, Karma, etc.) to theapplicationto the people's daily life. He often attended the various worship centers and livesamong the people in many different communities and villages. It seemed that the improvements only came through the worship centers and not directly to a person. As a worship service ended year after year,the society seems to have gotten worse. You can see false improvements when a skyscraper was erected,but ten years later that same building is dilapidated due to poor maintenance and planning. The more the money poured in,the worse the corruption and poverty.

After attending thousands of funerals, marriage vows, baptisms, and worship services he realizedthat many of the people attending,including the religious leaders,did not understand the basic language and meaning of situations they were teaching to their followers. They only knew customs and traditions,but it was never applied to societal improvements. This is a repetitive behavior over and over with everything in society. This happenswith almost everything in society and almost everybody. If someone attempted to fix the core problem,the community would chastise the person or become violent towards them.

It is not possible that they can really understand what any religious message truly meanswhen they do not know the meaningoffifty percent of the words they hear… Youngblood thought that he would have to prove this to those helping these countries,but he soon realized that many of the people providing the help knew these things. Many of those claiming to help were only leaching… He believes that to improve the lesser society would greatly impact thestronger society.

This prompted Youngblood to write the ten books known as The Book Of Raymond.

Reading the Book Of Raymond should inspire a positive life. This positive life shall include you, your family and the society in which you live. The Book encourages that all persons to use a common focal point to gain strong feelings toward themselves and all life form.

The Book Of Raymond extracts life lessons from many teachers. It offers to contribute to all learners those that teach a person who is humane to all creatures, beings, and life forms. The Book Of Raymond reveals multifaceted forms of beliefs, which is allows you to change during a person's human growth, experiences, relationships, and feelings.

You shall use the Books to help your personal prosperity in this world. Enjoy growth, enjoy people, enjoy pleasures and enjoy.