Freedom – how sweet the sound. Freedom has never been free. In life, theres, a price that must be paid with either money, material things, or even our lives. Don't take freedbom from granted. 

For every luxury we have and enjoy, there was and is a price to be paid. 

The freedom to walk as we please in God's gift of sunshine – the freedom for the old as well as the young to stroll beneath the beautiful stars and moon above – stealing a small amount of time to romance lovers, sweethearts, husbands and wives – making a past with each other to be shared and remembered for the rest of their lives. Freedom of choice:  to choose and pursue our dreams, goals and our own beliefs in life. 

So when you're at home with loved ones, able to come together at those special times of the year – with a sense of peace and comfort, knowing that someon is here protecting our freadom, ready to pay the cost. So please remember our men and women in uniform – both past and present – who paid the ultimate price with their lives. It can't be repaid. It cant be redeemed. For whay they paid the price with, is priceless.