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Reunited, an Award winning film written by Shreveport native Priscilla Adams (Priscilla A) will screen one more time in Dallas on June 9th, 2013 at the Studio Movie Grill’s newest location on 75 and Spring Valley. The film Reunited is a very dramatic emotional piece, that’s sure to make you Feel, make you Think, and make you Laugh; all at the same time. It gives you a look at what life is like for a woman who wants what everyone wants, love and happiness. By a twist of fate, she’s reunited with an old highschool flame and they start a whirlwind romance which comes to a skidding halt when they are faced with one of the most taboo issues in our world today.

Reunited has already won an ‘Award of Merit’ for it’s message and content, and an ‘Award of Excellence’ for it’s dramatic impact. Priscilla A. has also recently won the Best New Filmmaker award at Atlanta’s Peachtree Village Film Festival. The film was recently offered distribution and is expected to be in Walmart , on, Amazon, and PPV/On Demand as well as other outlets this summer.

Reunited was directed by Priscilla A with music by Ceddy Boi and stars talent consisting of Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def recording artist Dondria, celebrity gospel artist Simply Gayla, Thundersoul’s (Jaime Fox) Stan Sanders, Ken McDonald, Donny Boaz, and Michelle Smith, among others. It was filmed with many Dallas based talent and crew personnel, and in local locations such as Buttons in Addison.

Priscilla A Productionz will host a film screening fundraiser using Reunited benefiting the Afiya Center in Dallas, June 9th 2013 at Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley. Tickets are only $10, and your support is needed and appreciated. To find out more information about the film or purchase tickets go to or