Hundred Hounds of Hell


Gentleman Death, a Hell Hound Breeder

Imprisoned the Artist so he could make her

Find a way to live forever

Which went against her very nature

That was to end her kind forever.


While his brother’s face he wore

Creatures, a menagerie of the macabre he forged

With Immortal Artist, her demon ward

A pound of flesh, a boy malformed

Of Legion, wolf bane, a brother gored

From wolfen womb a child is torn.

From whence shall spring his vicious hoard.


Inside this gallery, within these cells

Lies the beasts, these Hounds of Hell

Born of he, known only as Gabriel.


These Hounds of legend, hounds of lore

Allowed to ravage, feast and gore

Loosed upon this world to roar

Harbingers of death, forevermore.


A Hundred Hounds shall he create

To avenge the wrongs that SHE doth make

The Creator, God, his very Mother

Her demon ward, his Angelic brother

All shall suffer, all must pay

With YOUR lives this very day.


Heed my warning, listen well

That you may survive Hundred Hounds Of Hell.