"Lights, Camera, Action!"

Well, Well, Well….. It's that time! Time for the main event. That time you've replayed over and over in your mind. The big dollars signs, the inevitable intent. The incredible feeling you get. Knowing something surreal is about to happen, the tapping of the subconscious, the lights, the cameras, the action. The Photoshop for a filmmakers satisfaction. One's mental imagery can come to "Light". Lights, Camera, Action! Let the world see what your film is like. "The Melody Of Choice". "A Most Complex Form Of Ventriloquism" is speaking through the creators voice. Hopefully the frequency will pick up what my film has to say. Maybe "528 Hz" does work, the sound of love being spread around does make you move a certain way. So this is why we travel…. Hoping the camera catches our X-ray projections. Some light beings are too sensitive, too fragile, too afraid of the light. "Secret Agent Jones", let the world see what your film is like!

Let the viewer’s cast their votes. $50,000 in cash, sew into your royal oats. Get a taste of the reel. This… "This Is A Microphone", it's just something about the feel of the wheel, the urge to speak, the realization that today is a "Super Day", not just any old day of the week. Not a day to be "Killing Time". If "The Devil Has My Ear", tell him I'm sincere. I'm not gambling with mine. I'm holding on to the camera. "Lay Me In The River", there's a new stream for pictures. I'm headed to Louisiana. Going to put my name in the light. "The Adventures Of Captain Oliver", let the world see what your film is like!

Keep putting magic in the frame. Don't be ashamed of your hands "Biggo". Keep putting your heart in the game. Every beat counts. Maybe I'll tap dance when my name is announced. Every second, every minute, every hour, "A Man With Limited Emotional Means" taps the main screen, he just lacks the power. "Home Fires" made it complex. A love story, action pack, a horror movie….. What kind of thriller is going to come next? More episodes of the vanishing? A safe house for "The Legend Of Luther Anderson"? A film fest for a film junkie? A Kenmore dryer to hide my deepest desires from the "Sock Monkey?" He knows what my film is like. The creative type. Some light beings are too sensitive, too fragile, too afraid of the light. So there stories never get out the box. The Blob showed up before opportunity could knock. Say hello to a "New Era." Where all artists emerge. Where "Papillon" finds her butterfly and plays on top of the Kallenberg. "I'm Sorry For…." those that didn't make it to the countdown. We work around the clock, making time count the first round. Inspiring future generations. Let out story lines commence. Let every line accept sunshine, that is the "Total Human Experience." The lights, the cameras, the action…. everything you write. VIVA LA FILM PRIZE, let the world see what your film is like!!!

Written By: POETIC X