I think that it’s a shame that there are entirely too many two year olds donning 2T outfits and far too many teenagers that are two grades or more behind in high school that too easily, too seriously and too blindly take heed to 2 Chainz and his contemporaries, but have not two minutes to listen to their parents are to their pastor.
I think that it’s a shame that in merely two decades this poem won’t make two bits of sense to any two people because these names 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Iggy will be nothing but memories to those of us that live through the dreck. Yet we’ve allowed these temporary demons to make permanent criminals and statistics out of our children.
We’ve gotten to where we’re more apt to film our children “doin’ it for the vine” than we are to teach them about the True Vine that died for them amid woven vines over 200 years ago.
But I guess… I just think too much, huh?