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Yolanda Barnes
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My name is Yolanda Barnes and I am a native of Chicago Heights, Illinois. I took a risk and relocated to Shreveport 4 years ago and have never regretted it. I am…what I’d like to call… an evolving artist. I have always loved art in some form. I used to love to sketch pictures of family members occasionally when I was in grade school. However, in large part, my gift lay dormant until around 8 years ago. I felt that I was divinely prompted to paint when I found some discarded art supplies on a curb in my neighborhood!

In recent years, art has been the catalyst for my healing through intense personal challenges and losses. As a result…I have been able to channel feelings and various experiences through my art. While I mainly work in acrylics, I also work with pencil and watercolors as well. I love to depict my subjects in bold colors or themes that express my cultural heritage as an African American woman.

My work has been displayed at 3 consecutive artist calls at Art Space. I earned an honorable mention during the 2020 event for my piece “Floetry”. My work “Floetry” was also part of “The 9 Muses and the Art of Passion” exhibit held at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery during the fall of 2019.

I describe my work as expressive and evolving. My desire is to inspire others to step into their creative callings…whatever it may be.

I Rise to Create!




About Me:
I have expressed myself artistically my entire life. In recent years however, my emphasis has been on visual art. I retired from AT&T as a Senior Manager over offshore call centers in 2016. After retirement…I began to pursue art full-time while being a recent resident to Shreveport from Illinois.  I personally sell art online, as well as through local exhibits. I also instruct individuals and groups. 
In the recent months of 2020 I began to make masks and express myself creatively through that endeavor as well.  I have created well over 1,200 masks and shipped nationwide. My masks are for sale at the ArtSpace gift shop as well as my website: 
Where my art has been or is currently exhibited:

⬧ R.W. Norton Exhibit-Fall of 2019
⬧ David Raines Medical Center (Currently)
⬧ ArtSpace -SRAC-(Downtown Shreveport)-Spring of 2018, 2019,2020
⬧ Shreveport Airport-Summer of 2018
Other Interest and Skills:
Cake Decorator (Former Business Owner)
Clothing Designer
Audio/Visual Editing
Writing (Non-Fiction & Poetry)
Life Skills Training
Business Counseling
Interviewing Skill
Performance Management Expert
“Zion the Great”
“My Story-His Story”
“Write the Vision” Journal
“I AM Loved” Journal
(Both Available on
Creative References:
LeMika Colbert Jackson: (318-757-0247)
Mrs. Kinberly Isaac: (318-230-1237)

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