I’d like to tell your story but…

way too busy with mine

You see….your script never included me…

You were the lead, the star, the main attraction

My place…..a mere fraction

I had to keep askin’

Where is my part?

Where is my role?

Why does the writer have

so much control?

He picks up his pen

scribbles me out

Pencils other in

Changes up the whole plot

Crumbles the paper and starts again


In comes the understudy—eyeballing my lines

Her read was so much better—moving me out in time

Wipes her mouth

Elevator eyes

But what she doesn’t know

There is a surprise

I’m ‘bout to walk off the stage…

for a bigger venue

Girl Please! With yo’ ant-sized view!

Hug the little stage….run from side to side

Get ready for your close up!

The curtain ready to glide

Closing just before you bow…

You couldn’t cut it…didn’t know how

There you are …

fighting for a spot

that’s no longer hot!

Role gone cold