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  • Public Discipline
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    Brother, pass my way, I need to hold on to somethin’.
    Father, whatcha say? Put down a brand new addiction.
    Fine, okay, punctuated by a very rude awakening,
    Fine, a-ok, Wolf saved the tree.
    Grounded by the cedar, canebrake all around,
    Loved by the water, hear the birds keeping on with their sound.
    Sister, Mama’s here, you…Read More
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    Naturally beautiful with her own kind of style….
    Real hair, real eyelashes with a real beautiful smile….
    Confident in who she is she handles herself with class
    She doesn’t boast about all that she has nor does she go to the beauty shop or doctor getting shots in her ass…..
    Her mind is like no other, no replica in he…Read More

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  • ‘Rose Colored Glasses’

    There she is.
    With her flawless skin and beauty mark.
    There she is.
    With her lashes intact and her brows on fleek.
    There she is.
    With her slim waist and thick thighs.
    She has curves in all of the right places.

    There she is.
    With her 28-inch Brazilian wavy hair.
    There she is.
    With her red bottoms, her blo…Read More

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  • Ugly Beautiful

    Visions of our past encircle my head like a wreath.
    I lose breath at the thought of you…
    Of how we were when once connected,
    Like jigsaw puzzle pieces with jagged edges
    We were part of two different landscapes, but we fit together

    No man, no time, no space
    Did we ever allow to define us
    We lived, moved,…Read More

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