There once was a magician, wearing a cap.
After being tired from working all day,
He decided to take a long, long nap.
He fell asleep right away.
The magician was peacefully sleeping,
When from under his cap was a chick peeping.
While the magician went right on sleeping,
From his head to the ground the chick was leaping.
Later, the magician awakes in great shock,
Wondering how did the chick get in
While all the doors were locked.
The chick clucked, “From under your cap I came in.”
This gave the magician a new idea for a trick.
From under his cap he would pull out a chick.
A chick that talks, leaps and peeps
Will make people jump to their feet.
So the magician decided to keep the chick.
He taught the chick many different tricks.
Together they made a real good team.
Performing tricks was their only dream.