It was second grade, Mrs. Ghetti’s class

Right at the beginning of spring

Every student was asked to give a short presentation of who their father was

It was my turn

So I peeled myself from my seat

Smile at Melissa who just gave a wonderful presentation of who her father was

Even though I knew that she didn’t know him

Pushed my chair up just loud enough to scare myself into turning around and walking those seven steps to the front of the class

And with one deep breath and with one fractured smile

I did as I did every other time that I lied

I stood up straight, locked eyes with my listeners and made loud my voice

My daddy is big

My daddy is strong

My daddy can fix anything that goes wrong

My daddy is the best daddy in the whole wide world

My daddy is superman

Yeah, I daddy is super…man

The lies shocked me

And they pulled at my heart just like they did every other child’s in the room

But it was me that was left jealous

‘Cuz when I went home in the evening

My daddy didn’t wear a cape

And my daddy didn’t fly

But he had a way of making dreams and your emotions die

Somehow my imagination had wrapped super around this man

Somehow my mind saw the trail of hurt and tears that followed behind him as a cape

But my daddy didn’t wear a suit

And my daddy didn’t fly

But he had a way of making my mom’s love and my memories of her die

And that was very crafty of him for only having a third grade education

Which meant that he couldn’t read all too well

Couldn’t help you out in algebra, geometry, biology or chemistry

But what he could do was count and he had power in his hands

He had power to turn five fingers into one sledgehammer that knocked beauty from your face

He had power to pull one fetus from one womb and cause five fingers to become into one casket

He had power in one hand to shut up one mouth and cause my momma to never say that she love you

He had power in ten fingers to pull out ten years of my memory of what my momma’s face looked like

He made my mom and me ugly

People always said how she and I looked so much alike

So he knocked the symmetry from our faces

Left us and our love in broken pieces

But somehow my imagination saw that as mosaic art

My daddy had the power to make gold look like dirt

And to make ashes look like diamonds

And for this craftiness I foolishly praised him

See my daddy didn’t have ray beams shooting from his eyes

And my daddy couldn’t fly

But he always had a way of making me lie

My daddy is superman

Yeah, my daddy is super man