You are my road without bridges

My book with no words

My vision without answers

My circle with no curves

You are my sight without seeing

My hope with no reason

My Fall without season

A road with no bridges

With you on the other side

Wanting me to cross

And the bridges you do hide

So a bridge I will build

Yet, time after time

Whenever I do cross

The road is all I find

A road to nowhere it seems

Yet, one I dare to tread

Filled with twists and turns

With no map by which to lead

You are my road without bridges

My song with no end

My love without loving

My sail with no wind

Be there a bridge left

Down deep in your heart

Build to it’s center

And I will do my part

We will walk in the lane together

Side by side ‘til the end

No one to be led or followed

Always together

My love, my friend