I oftentimes wish that this thing called love came with instructions

Or maybe even a rule book of some sort

And who knows, maybe then I’ll be able to get this thing right

And find one of those loves that people look upon in admiration

Fingers crossed, wishing for their very own fairy tale story

In which they ride off into the sunset, bareback upon their happily ever after with their soulmate

All the while singing

‘If loving you is wrong’

I have to stop myself there

‘Cuz I’ve been thinking

And you know what

It just might be

I mean it has to be

‘Cuz I’ve already started breaking the rules for you

Like rule number 121…

‘Never fall in love with someone who’s already in love with someone else’

Yeah I failed this course

I got a big fat F

And I wish I could explain to you how messed up this is

This ‘I love you and you love him’ situation

Maybe then you’ll realize why each time I kiss you it’s as soft and as sweet as it is

Hoping that you’d still taste me when you look into his eye

Or maybe you’ll understand and appreciate why each time I hold you it’s as tight and long as it is

Maybe just maybe you’ll be able to smell me when you get next to him

And as you see, things just doesn’t add up

Like the countless hours you’re spending quality time over there with him

While I’m over here exhausting ever minute and every moment of my time wanting you

Feigning for you even

Wishing for you next to me

Yeah I know…silly of me to ever think that I could be your guy

But I love you….and I want you…

And of course…it had to be silly of me to ever think that you’d want me too

But I love you

Which reminds me of rule number 56

‘Love is just another crazy game of duck-duck-goose where you’re very rarely ever the goose’

So used to being the duck that you forget the game at play

But if I break the rules for you, does that make you love me back

If I break the rules for you, does that mean I win

See loving you has got to be wrong

I mean, how else do you explain me feeling like I’m winning when I’ve already lost



Duck…duck…will I ever be your goose

Duck…just another term we use in exchange for the word fool

‘Oh love, oh love, stop making a…’