In the house on Valley View,
Were two people that Gabe knew.
His Big Papa and his Granny,
With no one in site named Danny.
So one day Gabe came on over,
With a camera and not a clover.
Then Gabe said, “I’m hanging upside down.”
Big Papa said, “You look like a clown.”
On that note, Gabe went to get the mail,
While on TV, a boat set sail.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, the clock went,
As the mail arrived without a dent.
Bills, junk, and oh what’s this…
The policemen’s ball, down at the Ritz.
After mail time, it was go time,
But the trucks, were blocked by a mime.
We scared the mime by saying boo,
And got on the road behind a woman named Sue.
Then the camera had a malfunction,
And the error caused more dysfunction.
Gabe and Big Papa didn’t what to do,
And neither did the woman named Sue.
Zombies came from left to right.
Their presence changed the day to night.
Although the terror caused such fright.
Gabe knew his camera would make everything alright.
Once the record light was on the screen,
Doom is what the zombies seen.
Once destroyed Gabe and Big Papa drove through,
And called for lunch at Sonic’s drive thru.
They got on the freeway toward Bert Kouns.
Suddenly it started raining squirrels and raccoons.
Workmen were doing the conga dance,
With a lead dancer named Lance.
The traffic lights were wearing dresses,
And the road had big mud messes.
Then Gabe’s buddy Q showed up.
He had a large bottle of 7up.
They both noticed a factory.
The Cocoa Pebbles factory.
They drop the sodas and rushed inside,
But hit a sign which read wrong side.
Then behind them was a girl,
And on her arm was a cute little pearl.
“Follow me,” she said cool and sweet,
As I show you around this place so neat.”
After the tour, Big Papa showed up,
With a giant size of fries and another 7up.
Gabe, Q, and Big Papa were on their way home,
Singing a song called, “Let Me Go Home.”
Suddenly they made a stop.
It was at Johnny’s house on the big hill top.
Big Papa asked, “What you say there Johnny?”
Johnny answered, “Trying to make that money.”
After the visit, the trio went home,
But the house was covered in foam.
It came from the shower where Uncle T was.
He had fallen asleep there watching Buzz.
Once he woke, he cleaned the foam.
Just in time to see Battle Dome.
So this ends a day so truly weird,
But yet so normal like drinking root beer.
If you have a day like this,
Call it a weird yet normal day.
Special Note: This poem is a combination of two random dreams and a day with my Big Papa
going to the super market with a video camera.