Friday night was the most delicious night of the entire week.  Sadie loved Fridays.  From Monday to Thursday, she was the reliable, helpful, and quiet reference librarian of the Temple Terrace branch library.  She was very knowledgeable and quick at finding answers to anything she didn’t already know.  She kept her patrons happy, her resource stacks up-to-date, and her coworkers as unstressed as possible.  She loved her work and she did it well.  On Friday, she spent most of her day looking for, sorting through, or ordering new sources, and the afternoon was usually filled with teaching one-hour classes on effective research techniques.  By five o’clock, Sadie was ready for a hot shower and a hot cup of Passionate Peach herbal tea.

            Sadie loved peaches.  She loved the taste, the feel, the smell, the color, and the allure of the peach.  And the color looked alluring on her voluptuous body.  Arriving home, she showered in her favorite peach gel, sprayed on a gentle peach body mist, and put on her new slinky peach spaghetti strap nightgown.  She loved the way the lace bodice strained against her ample bosom and the long lacy split brushed her sensitive ankles.  She admired herself in the mirror a moment then bounced into the kitchen to pour two cups of the sweet peach tea from the instant tea maker.