We chase the white rabbit

The the field of living lies

Follow him through the looking glass

Across to the other side

To a world of agony and ecstasy

A world filled with eyes

Eyes filled with bleeding light

But no ears to hear your cries

Falling farther down the spiral

The worm you see had turned

Once sat upon the mushroom

Now to be you he burns

Perched high upon your throne

With wonderland in your grasp

The madness in you hat takes hold

As you sip your tea and laugh

Your queen of hearts lies broken

Her life shuffled beyond

Alice has lost her head

Her wonderland is now gone

As your crown of hallucinations fade

And from your throne you fall

Wonderland’s price must be paid

In reality the greatest price of all

Your ecstasy lies now in agony

Hear the death bell toll

Once upon a throne in wonderland

Now just names upon a stone