My momma so pretty, she looks like a mirror

It’s always a joy to see my reflection in her

People say that we favor so much but I disagree

We are just alike, we’ll love you so good and so strong

That you can’t help but want to see you self with us

But my daddy…that dude so ugly he looks like a hammer

And Grandmomma ‘em always said that I was just as strong as him

Oh, how lucky of me to ever be so unlucky

I remember when I was younger

The hammer played just a little too rough

Broke the mirror

And gave me seven years of bad luck

So much beauty shattered in so many small pieces

But I still looked for you in all the small place

Like the keyhole to the bathroom door where you spent countless hours trying to hide the shards

Momma…tell me, do you feel that

Momma…where have all the mirrors gone

I don’t see my reflection in you much often these days

Momma…yes I’m strong, but I’m not the hammer

I promise I won’t hurt you

As a child growing up being told I look exactly like my battered mother,

I couldn’t help but to be afraid of mirrors

So I would cover them to hide the bruises and the scars

And we would play pretend

And I would always imagine her as something like a diamond, pearl or gold

You know, I just wanted her to know that she was precious, valuable and desired

But she would always pretend to be something like a chandelier, star or the moon

And I never understood that until the other day

That all she wanted to do was shine,

Be someone that people looked up to in admiration,

And always out of reach of the hammer

Momma, you’re so bright

My momma so strong that she took the brokenness of her past

Hung herself up like a chandelier

Shines bright like a star

And lets her love glow as bright as the moon

My momma so pretty