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Life inspires me. Water soothes me. The sun fuels me. I give life to my emotions and thoughts through music, poetry and photography. The goal is to share my thoughts and emotions with those open and willing to receive it.


JULY-SEPTEMBER 2020 Artist Up! Entrepreneurial Program Exhibition—CrazyDreamer and BetweenHerLegs

OCTOBER 2019-Present–2 pieces of Artwork featured in Web Series “Situationships the Web Series”

June 2018-Exhibtion of Artwork and Performance of Music and Poetry “Just Me and My Emotions”


Just Me and My Emotions

The videos in this link are from my one woman show “Just Me and My Emotions” were I performed my music and poetry, showcased my artwork and shared my life story. Each song in the link touches on a different aspect of my life as a young black lesbian in the bible belt.

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