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Kirsi-Marja Hardy
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Artist Statement
I try to pursue life as a passion for each moment surfing the waves of “The right There” capturing it into my visual artwork.  As a clothing designer, poet and musician, I communicate world through those forms from my perception, that holds dear values  as  living at full potential, enjoying life,  searching for the truth I can stand on and focusing on the development of the good in all and through all.   That is my aim, and as I aim for those high goals, I include art on the journey. To be able to give expressions and pictures of what is going on within and connect to people in this wonderful way, the way of art, is amazing and such a privilege.   I would like to see my art to lift people up, to encourage those who are a bit down today.  I would love my art to bring joy and abundant life feelings to people’s lives.
I enjoy communal art experiences and I am very appreciative to SRAC that offers many opportunities to delve into our community with different art projects.  I have been a teacher for many years and I love mingling with all ages of people creating art and connection.
By my individual art and collections, Warriorz and Warriettez 18 and Stargate DNA- We are all Stardust 20, I aim to communicate my desire for self-development, strength and life vibrancy.It is said that, It is good to know the timing and for that you must recognize the times. There was a  period of time that catapulted me around the world to learn of different cultures, arts and artisans. The colors, smells, voices and different kinds of lives of precious people of Finland, Greece, Mozambique, Middle East, India, Morocco and Louisiana have made an impact on me. The incredible artisans, their devotion and humility yet amazing skill and craftsmanship has brought me to a place of awe and inspiration.“Right there” is a place where worlds collide. It is a place where the known and the unknown meets. The place of facing fear yet putting on the armor of courage and faith. A place where warriorz and warriettez dwell. It is where Justice seem to have ran to hide and love has been replaced by lust. It is where the values of the corporate world has swallowed the Light and Truth, cuffed it for slavery for its own agenda. It is where Hope is eternal and Love conquers all fear. Its a place where the magic happens.Right There, you decide what happens.I have got many heroes, those invisible and unknown warriorz and warriettez fighting to increase love and faith in hard, very dark places where fear and hatred, greed and selfishness has polluted the atmosphere.   I am a lightworker and I hope it shows in my art, maybe most in my writing.

The work is plenty, the laborers are yet few.
With my collections I want to Call out for Warriorz and Warriettes and other lightworkers! With my collection Stargate DNA / We are Stardust I wanted to remind us all that we are all Stardust, containing tiny particles of all substance that stars contain.  We are beautiful and amazing as the stars!  The great kingdom of eternity lives within our DNA.

I hope you enjoy my art. If you would like to come and see me in person you are welcome to Texas Avenue to my new workplace studio (I start there in June and will fill in the address asap).




Kirsi-Marja Hardy



2003 – 2016

Teacher • Elementary School 1st to 6th grade • Town of Järvenpää, Finland and Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

During this time I have taught art in education In elementary school and had small art projects to keep my craft alive.


Arts in Education • Art teacher • Shreveport regional arts council SRAC, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

2018–Summer (3 months)

Resident artist• Artist • Open studio in Shreveport, Louisiana Artspace, Shreveport regional arts council, Shreveport, Louisiana: Collection Warriorz and Warriettez

2019–Summer (3 months)

Resident artist at a social organization with at risk youth teaching art and creating a cohesive visual and musical performance for a city parade.

2019-Fall (3 months)

Resident artist teaching STEAM art for 300 children a day with another artist and volunteers

2019 December -2020 May

Preparing a fashion show and a collection 12 outfits with details of a two- year strategy for the fashion show to travel to three cities in America and Finland: Collection Stargate DNA


FIDM Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising San Francisco, Usa AA in Fashion Design completed 1999

HUMAK Humak University of Applied Sciences Finland working on BA of Arts and Culture management of which I have 1 year left.


I am a clear communicator in front of big and small crowds who proceeds with strategy and human connection. I speak fluently Finnish, English and I can get by with Swedish.


I am a natural leader and have gotten my training in teaching the youth and at risk children while raising my own four children into adulthood.


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Couture Seamstress


Instruction on Sewing and patternmaking

I will give lessons on sewing, alterations and patternmaking for groups and individuals of all ages.


Alterations for men's, women's and children's clothing.

Custom Design

Individually designed and constructed clothing service.

Stargate DNA is a collection of men’s and women’s clothing depicting the beauty that human beings carry within: the star material.  It is scientifically proven that people have the exact same substances than the stars within, only in different measures.  The collection Stargate DNA wants to remind us that we are more than we remember and what we have been taught.  Remember who you are, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  You are stardust.  With this collection I want to encourage us to shed the masks that we have build layer by layer.  We can encourage each other to come out of hiding and experience collective togetherness and know we can be safe.

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