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“The New Friend,” read on Aquila Review’s Poem by Poet

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Confluence And Divergence: Nineteenth Century Plantation Lifestyles Along Red River (Presented as a paper at the Louisiana Studies Conference, Northwestern State University; a slightly longer version also appeared in Louisiana Folklife Journal)

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Comes Fall

Hear that?  the sound of the expanded world, the bubble stretched new beyond the circle, the stillness, the clarity of noises: the train out of sight, and...

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The Air That Separates

Just before dark a burst of chimney swifts swoops and spins in the dying glow, drawing the air taut with concentrated grace, with the precision of late and lucid...

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Waiting for the Plumber

It begins with a sigh, inevitably, though this is pure conjecture, and only because by the time I notice, the sound’s like breathing or the blood in my...

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