The last time we spoke, you said you would always love me.

As a friend.

Nothing more.

I put on a brave face and said that was fine, because at the time it was that.

Just fine.

Nothing less.

We agreed that things would not change.

That “we” would always remain.

Nothing lost.

I know you lied to spare my burdened heart.

To protect a friendship, we dearly cherished.

Nothing gained.

Still I chose to believe every word uttered by your dulcet voice.

God, that cadence.

Nothing learned.  

I dove back in headfirst, thinking I could manage.

This unrequited heart need not ache.

Nothing saved.

Yet you grew distant.


Nothing said.

The next time we spoke, I asked if we were still “we”.

You didn’t answer.

Nothing loved.

The last time we spoke, we didn’t speak at all.

A simple smile and wave.

Nothing remained.

I closed my heart to you

I don’t think of you.

I won’t think of you.

Nothing unrequited.