Side B


            The directions to the place were horrible, and I got lost twice trying to simultaneously  follow the GPS and listen to Bright Eyes.  The house was in some far off area in Shreveport where each building and street looked pretty much the same. I found the place at 9:39, I didn’t want to sem overzealous as I was expecting this to likely be one of her gatherings she’d spoken of, and while I was mentally prepared as best as I could be, I knew that after our skin was bare against each other,  I became more invested in him then I would like to admit.

            Upon the door opening my eyes instantly moved to the couch where  I saw a girl I had seen around town a few times contorted around the manager of the store where  Anna worked was getting filled up as the guy groaned and collapsed o top of her.  Anna approacehed me wearing a black wife beater,  milk white skin oozing from every opening the fabric allowed. A smile flew across her face, and she titled her head to greet me.

“Good to see you made it man. All the creepy people were just about to leave. “ she said turning towards her boss, who disgustingly patted the girls stomach, and got off of her. He looked annoyed when he spoke to Anna.

            “Yeah, whatever.”

            I watched them both get up and get dressed out of either shock for the situation overall, or from my own morbid infatuation. Diane and I were voyeurs when we were together, and we’d watch and listen to our neighbors whenever the opportunity arrived, occasionally stopping an argument to do so.  He smiled when he walked by me as I was still standing by the door, and she lingered a bit, looking at me as if she recognized me. After Anna and her exchanged a look,  she walked by me and stopped with a finger on my chest.

            “Poor guy. You really should have gotten here sooner.”

After which she dragged her tongue up my jawline, and licked my lips before shutting the door. Anna laughed.

            “She’s such a little tart. Come here babe, I’ve got something for you.”

Anna stood up on her tippy toes and began suckling my bottom lip. I felt her hand on my junk which honestly was hard since her manager came inside of that random girl that was here a moment ago. She had worked one hand behind the back of my neck, and the other one underneath my shirt was teasing my nipple. So bizarre that after not having been intimate with each other for that long that she was already touching me like we were familiar lovers. I grabbed her body and pressed it up against me tight, only to hear a sharp gasp turn into a little subtle moan that escaped from her lips. Then suddenly a glass broke, and I opened my eyes to shock and horror as someone was saying my name.


It was Diane. Dressed in her normal evening attire, wearing jeans, and an oversized sweatshirt of mine, likely one of the ones I noticed happened to be missing after our break up. Oddly enough, my dick was still very hard as Anna’s large breast were pressing hard up against me. I was in a state of shock as my mind was riddled with same seeming sentences like Why are you here?, and How do you know Anna? When suddenly an overgrown hipster with a beard and body hair that made him appear to be more bear than man, came from behind Diane, and grabbed both of her breast in two large handfuls. As Anna laughed, still with her hand behind my neck, playing with my hair, I found the strength to break away momentarily, and finally speak.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Anna sashayed over to Diane, who was fighting off her arousal I could tell as her breast were her most dominant of her erogenous zones, and began caressing her abdominal muscles sliding her hands up her shirt.

            “Aww, what’s the matter man? You’re freaking out. I told you not to be weird about things.”

            At that point it was like some uncontrollable rage flew over me. I lost my composure. Ran over, and grabbed Diane’s hand, and went for the door.

            “Come on, we’re leaving!” I said.

As I opened the door, and had just slipped my fingers beyond the threshold, the door shut fast and hard, and I could feel my bones and flesh separate as a tremendous amount of pain spilled through me, as blood spilled on to the floor of their home. Anna laughed now in a voice that was unlike her own, and when I turned, I saw Anna’s plaything tearing off his clothes, as more hair seemed to cover his body, and his eyes became larger.

            “Sweetie, this really was supposed to be about the sex, and if you’d come earlier, we all could have had a good time, but now you’re the only ones here, and my pet has to eat, so…sorry!” Anna said in a deeper huskier voice while levitating off of the ground.

The man grew larger, and his hands became claws, as his mouth elongated revealing a row of teeth that seemed more like stairs of chainsaws just layed down one on top of the other. I fell to my knees as the pain got the best of my, while Diane just stood there staring on as if not sure what to do. This was the first time we were ever in a situation like this before. The best growled and shouted vulgarities.

            “She’s still getting fucked. After I bite off his legs so he can watch, I’ll kill her, then leave him to you my queen.” He said rather confidently, but I had had enough of this.

            I rose to my feet, walked up behind Diane who had been staring blankly, whispered some words into her ears, and then stuck my hand through her torso until it protruded from the other side. I knew she would survive an injury like this as the spirits I’d fed her while we were together alone would be enough to heal her of a simple disemboweling. The witch and her beast looked on confused , and I realized the had never seen necromancy before. I laughed for a moment as the lights went out in the house, and the spirits I had stored inside of Diane’s body escaped from her orifaces looking to tear and rend the flesh from any creature that threatened to harm their homunculus. I felt the blood and fur fly from the beast that was torn apart in meer moments, and Anna was the only one that screamed as the spirits entered Diane, and she began to regain her consciousness and personality.

            When the lights cam back on we both stood over her. Leg missing, neck twisted on it’s side, and trying to hold her insides inside while clinging on to what little life she had left in these small moments. I could feel the glow and power leaving my eyes, as I felt myself harden at the sight of blood drying on her heaving breast. I smiled to Diane, who moved with me together as we both knelt down beside Anna’s body, and began covering it with kisses.

            When Diane and I arrived back at my apartment, she barely got passed the front door before what was bound to happen finally took effect. The conversation we hadn’t had since the break up, and the silence between us that would lead into it. She shut the door and just looked at me, and I remembered everything that we’d had between us all in that moment. I remember when I first dug up her body, and planted the first of many tortured souls into her vessel granting her the powers she exhibited tonight at our bizarre party. Powers to which neither of us knew fully the triggers and limitations of. She spoke first.

            “So why Brian?”

I had often thought about how this would go, and each time I brought it up, and each time I  thought about it, it ended badly.

            “Because you’re not human. You never were.”

Diane looked angry when I said this, and I instantly knew that I did not use my words carefully enough.


            The windows started to shake as the power inside of her was responding to the negative feelings she was experiencing, which I quelled with a small incantation. I went to her, shaking with fury still, and wrapped my arms around her tight.

            “Diane…you aren’t human, but I am. I’ll die, and you won’t. Haven’t you thought about that. What that means?”

            She looked back at me through her frames, and looked down on the wound in her gut which was already starting to heal. She smiled. I was completely disarmed of all fears and insecurities, and then she took off her shirt, and went over to my record player. What she played surprised me.

            Purposely skipping past the horn intro, I heard the start of drums. “Float On” by Modest Mouse was playing. She stood there staring at me with arms crossed. I was absolutely, positively in love with her.

            “Come on Human. We have to get this thing done before you die of cancer or something, don’t we?”

            I dropped my pants, and took off my shirt, and rushed her into an embrace. There was plenty of time to make the perfect mixtape. Good make up sex only comes every once in awhile.

            Or atleast, it should only come every once in awhile.