Eduardo was a little piece of colorful string. He was all by himself laying on the ground.  He had a big dream to someday become a big Mexican hat. But he was just a little piece of colorful string lying on the ground. How would he ever become a big Mexican hat?

One day a hot wind blew through the town and little Eduardo rolled down the street. The wind blew again and he rolled again. The wind kept blowing and Eduardo kept on rolling until he stopped in front of a door.

That morning, a little old woman came to the door and looked out at the sky. She felt the hot sun and looked down at the hot ground. There she saw the little piece of colorful string.

The little old woman was very poor and she had no money to buy thread so she used what she found to make her things. She picked up the little piece of colorful string and took it into her house.

All day she sat in her little rocking chair and sewed her pieces of string. She sewed Eduardo into the middle of all the other strings. When she finished, she lifted up the new blanket she had made and wrapped it around her cold shoulders.