Observations made from the luminous

light within my observatory. Trees in

particular. Light years away but planted

near the fields by which I stay. Oh’

shining star. I’ve followed you wherever

you are. Yours became more than a tree

risen to glory. More than an occidental

rise to fame. The bearing of your fruit

equated to the forbidden apple. Thrown

around for recreation. Praised by the

Native American. Overlooked for the

value of it’s salvation. I followed the

bearing tales of that tree. Discoveries

become more time consuming with time.

Hidden in plain sight, that mighty

bearer of light. I’ve trained for hours

on in to keep up with the signs. Back

and forth, from field to field. My lamp

filleth with oil. I peeked through

darkness like this eye of a needle. The

seeds of your courtyard are always

royal. I’ve taken notes and memorized

one of your quotes,”When parting the Red

Sea, don’t forget about me.” I observed

a polymath not too far from the water.

The subject was an Osage Tree.