‘Gold Rush’

There’s gold in those minds we cast away as lost and forgotten. When caves are dug deep enough, gold deposits can lead to a gold rush. The look on those miners faces when they find a gold nugget. Sometimes millions of dollars are spent just to barely fill the bottom of the bucket. But the sparkling thought of a mirrored reflection will fill his mental capacity. He’s inquisitive. Seek and ye shall find. Answers to a series of questions. Compensation for his dedication. He’s driven across closed roads looking for a gold mine. Only to find those caves empty and abandoned. A stork flies overhead, drops him a note a Locksmith wrote, and here’s what the note said. “There’s gold in those minds we cast away as lost and forgotten. Go far into the tunnels of Autism and carefully examine the complex collages.” Start with the prefix AU. AU for Golden properties and Gold shall be added into you. Authenticity can be viewed in the autistic. They may have difficulty staying within the color spectrum, but nonetheless, they are colorific. The challenge comes when attempting to communicate from a black base. The audience may see them as incoherent. I see them as potential energy with spectacular traits. 24 Karat Gold Bars; Worth more than their weight in Gold. Competent enough to count the Gold coins in their own jars. Questions allow us to audit. Answers tell the psychology embodied in the bye and bye. Any challenge confronting Autism can be connected with words such as Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Autism Speaks! Buildings build character by building upon every puzzle piece. One stands in astonishment, marveling at the mind of the architect. For such an idea to have been authored, the possibilities for completion had to be preset. AU don’t make no junk. Gold coins have been known to be found at the bottom of tree trunks, with or without a metal detector. Despite the depth of darkness, Autism is competent enough to activate receptors. Follow those lights reflectors. Does anyone know whether Super Mario was curious or autistic? The mounds in the background, the tunnels he goes down, the bricks he breaks, the risk he takes in

order for Gold to be found. The star power is released. The mushrooms he eats for his strength to increase. Curious, yes! But autistic concern could have been the medal earned for his guided quest. Bring on the automation. Everytime I find a gold coin, the closer I get to my desired location. Automatically persons are so quick to pinpoint the problem, they overshadow the analogy. Ask yourself a question. Do you ask yourself questions? Pulled by pictures transferred through the puzzle and the puzzler. Writing, Reading, Drawing, Spelling, Counting. Without the shadow of a doubt, there’s Gold in those mountains, where narrow spaces spiral into the underground. A mixture of sound and photographic cellular activity can invoke a meltdown. Parents and caretakers partake in questioning. Where will these autistic tunnels take us? A ministry will show you the mystery behind stone hinges. A photo slide is blocking the subject inside from carrying out commands or knowing how to articulate, causing the mind to lose control when fine prints and frequencies separate. But when instruments and imaging are artistically combined, notes that the Blacksmith wrote come back to mind. He or she may want to copy the note instead of breaking the instrument, so they may have a clearer understanding of the images cycling behind dark tint. There’s a key to unlock animation. The key is to celebrate confusion like a special occasion. Ah Ha! A Golden Moment. Handed down to Lucids Lounge, now if I could only put my finger on it. I’d be equally excited as the Gold miners crossing over closed roads to get to that Gold like a 49er. The sparkling thought of a mirrored reflection will take him to a war zone. One ounce of Gold times a 100 fold will be added to his earnings, transporting through autistic tunnels where problems solving belongs. Mining happens when we pitch our Gold coins into learning. Imagine if Autism was dug deep enough. Vaults would be unlocked and Gold deposits would lead to a Gold Rush.