Lay down your mountain; quit carrying the world.

Lay down and you’ll feel alright.

Someone’s dreaming, seeking meaning,

glory beaming

through a veil of starry light.

Come to the garden all worrying and white.

Breathe in the scent of clover.

Let go of your sense of timing.

Follow me and we’ll embrace the night.


We’re shedding our skin, starting again. We are reborn in fire bright.

The depth of your soul’s incalculable. The weight of the ego is only a lie.

We’re not divided; there is only life.


There’s power in you and I feel it too. Don’t hide it, let it grow.

The realm of your heart, the source of your art, listen to the way it beats a path for you.

It sings your truth, It feels like proof. There is only life.


Lay down your armor, I’m weary of the war.

Love is the strongest soldier.

Love is the strongest soldier.