A life worth living is worth dying for,

And no matter how much sorrow pours

From your heart when I am gone,

Rest assured it won't be long,

Until we are in our true home,

Hand in hand, never again alone.

I will not ever hurt again,

So please, think of me with a grin,

For all the love we got to share,

I want joy for you, not despair.

Just live your life as I'd want you to,

Death cannot kill my love for you.

Smile and know I'm still there,

You may not see, but I am everywhere.

I still live in your mind's eye,

And in your heart I can never die.

So, say a prayer of thankfulness,

For how we lived and how you're blessed,

Be happy and set your heart free,

And when the wind blows, think of me.

There's a lot of good work left to do;

I know I can trust the job to you.

Celebrate life every day,

Please don't forget, there's still a way

You can yet give life to me,

Be inspired by my memory,

Showing love to all who pass

Through your life, as long as it lasts.

We all see each other again, you see,

Because I am you, and you are me.

You can't imagine how close we'll be,

Embraced in eternal unity.