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Casey Jones
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I went to school for 4 years to get a degree as a graphic designer.  I had been using photoshop since I was a kid, long before digital photography was a thing.  You learn quickly that any work you don’t have to do in “post” can really save you some time and mental anguish.  When I transitioned to Art Photography, I began with a concept, usually a string of words out of a song or a song title.  I would sketch out my concept, build a landscape, pick my model, and create this world.  Again, put the work in on the front end, and you don’t spend so much time on the back end.

I knew I could photoshop my way into whatever I wanted, but any digital artist can do that.  I really want to create something physical, so when I let the viewer know, “That’s not digital altered,” I can get that wow reaction.  That being said, there are still some elements that get a digital makeover, but the real stories come from the physical process and the little things from my own life that litter the scenes.


B.F.A., Graphic Design (2003)
Louisiana Tech University

Experience, Obligations & Wins

Meadows Museum Board Member (2014,2015)

Ad Federation of Shreveport Bossier Board Member (2014, 2015)

Addy Award Winner for Christmas in the Sky (2014)

DigiFest Digital Art Exposition Winner (2012-2015)

Shreveport Tourism Bureau Food Photo Project (2011)

Downtown District Authority Christmas Card (2010)

Artists-At-Work Meadows Exhibition (2010)

Creation and Production of 3 new publications (2005-2009)

Judged Addy Awards (Monroe Chapter)(2008)

Student Addy Award Winner (2003)


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