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I mentor, manage, develop, and produce (music, fashion, film) on a professional industry level in multiple genres. I am a singer/songwriter, actress, model, poet, storyteller, film maker, and somewhat of a visual artists. I love creating or enhancing beautiful things. I enjoy putting THINGS together, from conception to completion. Seeing (or hearing) an idea become reality is a great gift that I am most grateful for.


Powerful, yet level headed Business woman Tanji Emmeni/Meni Abboud is a multitalented entertainment professional and music mogul in the making that not only sings & writes, but also manages & molds new talent. Tanji began singing and writing in elementary school and continued throughout high school & college at Grambling State University. After college it was off to Los Angeles, California where she embarked on a career as a model in print, and on the runway and an actress in videos, commercials & television. While in LA, she began pursuing her passion to sing and write songs again, which garnered her not only a digital artist deal with XL Production/Universal, but also the opportunity to work with and rub elbows with a slew of artist, producers and music executives, like Maani Edwards, Haile Maskel ofThe Rastafarians, Robert “Storm” Daniels, Emanuel Officer, Manuel Seals, Robert White, Brion James, & DJ Antron to name a few. Under her current digital label agreement with Slack Traxx Entertainment,  Tanji, has completed one project entitled “Southern Girl,” and also has become part of a dynamic duo by joining with Platinum Producer Ron “Slack” Jefferson. Together the husband and wife team own a production company, recording studio and sound & light company, they are a virtual one stop shop. Tanji’s current ventures include managing and mentoring the new teen girl group sensation Mademoiselle; she produced their music video “Out of My System”, manages the R&B male group, SHILO and produced the official video for the single “All I Have”, developing a new older sexier girl group “Prima Donna”, and is even working on a Family Film.  Tanji Emmeni is the owner of Slack Traxx Entertainment LLC. Business woman,  Manager, Mentor, Singer, Songwriter & Mogul in the making; World, get ready!

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