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KaDavien Baylor
Artist Statement

Art is my purpose and creativity is my truth.  I create art in a multitude of mediums in order to create mental stimulation and dialogue between the viewers and the work. I use the creative process as a anchor to help me strengthen my spiritual well-being. Through art I’ve been able to define new realities that serve the higher purpose of enlightenment and am engulfed in the idea of discovering new ways to share my creativity with humanity.


Professional info

Public artist with 5 years of related work experience encompassing results driven leadership in the design and production of public art.  Innovative strategist with the ability to identify solutions for challenging situations.  Possess a strong sense of artisty and ability to use creativity as a tool for social awareness, educational enrichment, historic preservation, and community development.









Work experience


Founder/CEO, KaDavien Baylor LLC

• Design, develop, and deliver art pieces to clients according to specifications.

• Create abstract sculptures to be displayed in local and residential establishments.

• Collaborate with local establishments to develop and fit art installations.

• Develop and organized community based public art murals that engage local youth.

• Provide multidisciplinary arts instruction to youth and adults.



RCA studios

• Create site specific public art from conception to installation collaboratively.

• Work in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to: tile mosaics; acrylic & oil paint: and steel sculpture.



Conception Arts

• Facilitated management of 100 plus artist in private art shows.

• Assisted in arrangement of entertainment and marketing of events.


Memberships & Affiliations

Fresh Arts Organization

Art League of Houston

AIGA Houston