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Dan Wasserman
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I create abstract and textured pieces using acrylic paint and mixed media. My work typically contains both 2D and 3D elements. I love to blur the line between painting and sculpting, creating tactile pieces viewers often want to touch. I create without practice. I believe allowing my mistakes to show provides viewers insight to my personal growth in each piece. I also seize opportunities to hide “Easter eggs” in my work, such as words or symbols, which reveal a deeper meaning or silently acknowledge an influence. My viewers often gain more insight to my work simply by looking longer.



Dan Wasserman is an emerging artist in society. All of his adult life was spent in military service to the United States where his patriotism led him to tremendously regimented but rewarding work. Art was always a hobby he quietly enjoyed. Now, while still working in the Defense industry, Dan makes personal creativity a priority as he forges a new lifestyle as an artist. He is completely self-taught. He capitalizes on a lack of formal education to create without rules and present the rawest emotion in his work. Dan’s chosen medium is acrylic paint and mixed media. He specializes in abstract and textured pieces where he likes to blur the line between painting and sculpting. By using everyday objects in his art, Dan reminds us that everything in life has a purpose, and often more than one.

In 2019, Dan’s art became public as a student in the Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s “Artist Up!” program. He established his business, Delta Whiskey Art, and showed in two exhibits over the course of the program. His “Artist Up!” graduate piece is titled Heartstrings and was created in honor of the James Burton Foundation. Heartstrings is currently on display at the James Burton Foundation.

Dan’s art continues to appear elsewhere in the local area. His work is displayed in multiple small businesses as decoration, signage, and as art available for purchase. Dan’s leadership and commitment to service remain hallmarks of his personality. Dan collaborated with three other area artists, painting a mural in downtown Shreveport, covering an entire 50-foot façade of an abandoned building. In his spirit of service, he challenged other artists to collaborate and create murals to beautify the community.

Dan continues setting personal goals for himself and his art. He was named a Northwest Louisiana Roster Artist in 2019. Dan plans to offer more commissioned pieces in 2020, increasing his commitment to his audience, and create a new exhibit series for a future show.

Shows & Exhibits

Critical Mass 7, 2019
Please Touch the Art, 2019
Art of the Cocktail, 2019
Artist Studio Tours, 2019

Critical Mass 8, 2020

Underground Abstract exhibit, Studio 512, 2020
Beyond Duty, Veteran & Military exhibit, Bossier Parish Community College, 2020



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