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Charmel is a native of Shreveport and has been a creative artist for a few years now. She graduated from Caddo Magnet High School and has lived in many places since she left Shreveport. During her time away, she has been able to meet other “creatives” like herself that have turned into great friends. She returned to Shreveport in 2015 and has enjoyed seeing the art scene in Shreveport blossom.
Her creative passion started about 15 years ago by making cards and small gifts for her friends and family. When she saw the happiness on the faces of the recipients of the gifts, she realized that she needed to embrace her talents. She started making wall hangings a few months ago for friends and received a very warm response from them. She has merged her love of crochet within a few of the wall hangings and has come up with these pieces. Custom pieces can be made in different sizes and colors




RESUME BS- Biology from Hampton University

As a Fiber Artist, I utilize various types of natural and synthetic fiber to create pieces that visually stimulate the various environments that they reside in.  Galleries, Streetscapes, Residential Properties and Business Fronts are just a few examples where citizens can be randomly influenced. 



I work in a temporary medium to create beauty in strange places throughout random locations of Downtown Shreveport, Louisiana.



Grassroots community-based arts initiative that works with other artists creating pieces that “pop-up” in various neighborhoods.  These projects can be found on  trees, street signs, fences, etc.