‘Dance African Dance”

Dance African Dance, Dance as the heavens begin to cry. I captured Earth’s rebirth locked far
away in Africa’s eye. Never knew butterflies cried teardrops. The after life changes after night
and the fear stops. The troubles of the world shall set us free. I will dance in Africa's soil and
change the way I see. Heaven has created me a new home. All my despairs have walked
upstairs. Me and the Motherland stand alone. No cotton field today master, unity and self
determination structured my liberation. I have move faster. The universe provided me with
strength and you beat her. There was a hidden potion inside my black emotion that allowed me
to meet her. Her face was as pleasant as the wind. I could see Kings and Queens crawling out
of her skin. Soul searching within a Black kid. She was born on top of a pyramid. “Dance Africa