I called myself broken.

He told me no, that’s just where the light comes in.

He told me my flaws were beautiful and I myself was a work of art.

He pulled me out of the cold winter hills that I’d banished myself to.

His eyes warmed my skin as they roamed me.

He saved me.

He did all this, just to break my me.

He twists the knife and I go back for more, because I can’t turn my back.

Not on someone who’s had my back.

Who’s lifted me higher than I ever thought I could be.

Only to burn the strings that tethered him to me.

Now I float free.

In darkness.

In loneliness until he shines his light through my cracks,

To remind me what I can’t have because he won’t give.  

He told me I wasn’t broken, that’s just where the light comes in but he failed to realize that he was the light.

The only way I could feel fixed, is with the light he gave.

But now he’s taken it, darkened it and hidden it from me because it is not mine to have.