Date Published: July 8, 1993

I’m a black woman, my prayers are deep.

When I feel pain, my soul weeps.

When I’m happy, my every word is a song.

I survived hard trials and making my family at home.

I got a whole lot of stuff going on in my head.

While regular folk rest in bed.

I stand with my man cause we all we got.

Sure I got rich heritage and I’m proud.

I sing and i dance and laugh out loud.

Yet, I’m still like everyone else

when I’m cut, I bleed.

But, I m the original. The party’s first seed.

So that means I got this plus a whole lot more.

I’m a black woman, I’m gracefully endowed.

I have a brother or sister in every crowd.

I’m a black woman, wise in many things.

Cause, I learn from what experience brings.

I’m a black, her what I say

Give me the respect I’m due and love me today.