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Laura Giacalone
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As an artist who studied both Biology and Studio Art, my artworks explore the themes of segmentation, opening inside forms to the outside, decay, and togetherness existing within incongruity. My biology background sparks my fascination with the mechanics of creatures and forms, which makes me explore what parts of a form make the form private. By cutting things open or wounding the objects, much like dissection, it allows the audience to experience the insides of whatever artwork is presented. I have worked in many mediums such as charcoal, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, printmaking, sculpture, and photography. I have worked with digital art as well as sewing and have found that craft becomes an essential part of many of my sculptural works. This craft serves as a binding agent, especially in contrast to fractured or segmented forms, and allows for me to create scenarios where things are held together, whether they are meant to be or not.


5/19 Evolvere (Discipline Exhibit)
Florence, IT

4/19-5/19 Pompeii (2 Week Solo Senior Art Exhibition)
10/18 Performance Art Presentation of Crash (2018)
12/18 Uncohesive (Minicine Sculptural Costume Discipline Exhibit)
10/17 Discipline Exhibit inspired by the works of Louise Nevelson
9/17-10/17 Collaborative Discipline Hand Sculpture
9/17 String Outdoor Installment
8/17 Dreamport (Collaborative Discipline Outdoor Installation)
Shreveport, LA

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